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Youghal or Y'all

Clock Tower Youghal


Youghal, pronounced Y'all, is a lovely coastal town in Souther Ireland. Youghal has a large marina and a great Main Street with lots of shops and restaurants.

The Clock Tower pictured above is a famous landmark and the remaining original gateway into Youghal.

Tynte's Castle

One of the remaining tower homes that were once prevalent in Youghal. These towers can be seen all over Ireland but not many are in a town.


We saw lots of doorways like these which are entrances to houses or apartments currently in use in Youghal. The doorways are quite short so you would have to bend over in order to enter these doorways.

Scenes from Moby Dick were shot on the Marina

Fun to find this sign to a classic film partially shot in Youghal Harbour.

We arrived late in Youghal after a full day of sightseeing up and down the coast. There was more to see that we didn't have time for. Before leaving we hiked up about 1,000 stairs to view the original walls that used to surround Youghal.

Original Town Walls

Great place to spend some time.

Fish Dish at Merry's Pub in Dungarvan

Would recommend this pub in Dungarvan. Merry's Pub had great food, will take reservations and is in the downtown area. Easy walking for most hotels in the area. Great service.

View from our table at Merry's Pub

You can see the harbor through the two buildings opposite the pub in Dungarvan. They put special candles on the table for us and we had a lovely meal.

Harbour In Dungarvan

Lovely walk home after dinner. The harbour is well lit and makes for a romantic walk home.

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