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White Dishes Add to Your Thrift Store List

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

Why should you look for white dishes at the Thrift Store? They're beautiful, elegant, and go with everything. A white set of dishes can become your base for any table setting in any color scheme. They are the most versatile dishware available and look great in your cabinets as well as on the table.

I was at an estate tag sale recently because they had a service for 12 of Mikassa English Countryside dishes. The above picture shows part of the set. I went the first day and looked at them but they were a bit more than I wanted to spend. The price was definitely reasonable but I couldn't quite convince myself to pay that much. So talked to the people doing the sale and they told me to come back tomorrow as everything was half off after 10:30 a.m. I took their card and called in the morning to see if the dishes were still there. With a clear affirmative I headed 45 minutes back to the sale. When I arrived... there they were... and I immediately started packing them in boxes. Just a couple of minutes later another woman started towards them and was a little put out that I had gotten there before her. Sometimes persistence pays off. So for $100 I was able to get a service for 12 with all of the serving pieces. Everything was in perfect condition. Wow!

A few more pieces from the set.

Now put those dishes to use. This is a Valentine's Day tea table setting using some additional white dishes. They are mix & match and include some English Ironstone plates, Micassa French Countryside bowls, red Portuguese salad plates, English Countryside cups and saucers, red wine goblets, black rhinestone edged chargers, and a fun set of red handled stainless steel flatware. Everything was thrifted except the clear water goblets.

The white teapot was a great find in a little thrift store in North Carolina. It was made in Chicago by a now defunct company but I really love the elegant lines of this teapot. The three tiered glass plate in the background is the perfect accompaniment to serving tea.

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