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Updated: Jan 24, 2020

In the Fog

We've been working on creating a workbook for a photography class we're going to be teaching in a few weeks. This picture shooting into the sun on a foggy morning was kind of fun. We used "Rule of Thirds" and "Negative Space" in this one as well as using the fog to create a mood.


This was a close-up of a grate. Shows patterning and also that mono chromatic look that is kind of different.

Hedge with Spider Webs

I like this one. Love the way the light hits the top of the hedge and you see all the colors amidst the spider webs. Then the background is blurred to emphasize the light.

Shadow Image

Shadows are always fun to work with and this has the leaves crossing the chest almost like a sash.

Frame Within a Frame

This shot was taken at Biltmore when the Chihuly exhibit was there this past year. Love how the lattice frames the glass sculpture.

Grasses in Reflection

Grasses and Reflections are always a fun subject. You never know what will catch your eye.

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