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Fota House and Gardens,

Art Restorer at Fota House anD Gardens

Gardens At Fota House

Fota House and Gardens are on Fota Island on the way to Cobh. If you have a Heritage Pass you can use it to gain entrance.

Designed by 19th Century architects Richard and William Morrison Fota House has beautifully proportioned rooms with lovely plasterwork and a preserved service wing and kitchens.

It also has a working Victorian Kitchen Garden that is quite interesting.

Grapes from the Garden

Couldn't believe they were growing these Lucious grapes on the grounds.

Some of the original glass houses and pit houses are still used today to propagate and grow produce and plants to support the property.

Art Restorer

You're not allowed to take pictures inside the house. Technically I didn't violate the rule as this was taken from outside the house through the window. Loved the intensity and peacefulness of this man engaged in doing something he obviously loved.

Fota House is well worth a stop but try to pick a sunny day as you will want to wander through the gardens.

Lily Pond

The gardens are fairly extensive so you will want to allow a couple of hours or longer for this one.


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