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Farmhouse Dishes

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

White Dish Display

More White Dishes

White dishes go with everything and look so clean and attractive especially with sculpted edges. They can be paired with any other colored dish to make for a great table setting.

White Colanders

White dishes aren't limited to plates and cups but can expand to include teapots, serving pieces, sculptures, vases and even colanders like the ones in the picture on the left.

White dishes look great in display cabinets are small vignettes.

White bowls with decorative edge

White doesn't have to mean pure white. It can include shades of white and cream. Lots of white dishes can also be termed "farmhouse" dishes and can be used in casual settings.

Serving plate displayed with Bird plate.

White dishes can be displayed on racks to add color and texture to a room.

Every dish in this post was obtained at the Thrift Store or at an estate sale.

Thrift Store

Just a quick photo of one of the dish racks at my local Thrift Store. There are always lots of choices. You just have to keep looking.

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