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Christmas Tree Makeover

Christmas tree with silver ribbons and ornaments

Last year. in November, I came across a little Christmas in a wooden box. I decided to try my hand at transforming that little country tree into a silvery winter tree that would fit into my vision of this year's Christmas Wonderland.

Wooden Country tree box

This was the wooden tree box that came with my little thrifted tree. If you

are a country decorating fan you probably would have left it alone but I wanted a challenge.

I started with a light sanding followed by a base coat in white.

After allowing the base coat to dry I spray painted the box silver.

I applied a couple of coats and allowed to dry thoroughly.

While I had the spray can handy I also coated some large pine cones with silver and gold spray paint.

When it came time to decorate for Christmas I set the tree up in our Morning Room.

As you can see the tree is not very tall. So I covered an old wooden wine crate with wrapping paper and set the tree on top of that. Now I was ready to begin decorating.

First added silver ribbon (several different types of ribbon). Added some faux white roses I had in my craft storage and a few simple silver balls. The tree was pre lit so didn't have to add lights.

More bulbs, some glitter ticks and a few blue ornaments and the tree was transformed.

Completed Tree

Finally, added a ribbon bow to the top of the tree and added some of those spray painted pine cones to the base and the transformation was complete. I'm really enjoying my little silver thrifted tree.

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