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Breathtaking Healy Pass

Healy Pass Vista

Healy Pass

Taking our lives in our hands, literally, we started over the Healy Pass from the North shore of the Beara Peninsula. They tell you not to attempt this in bad weather and they are so right. We were so lucky to have a beautiful day for this trip.

The roads from the North shore are incredibly narrow and you are hugging the cliffside. I wouldn't do it any other way. You can probably tell I'm not great with heights and it feels like you are going to go over the cliff as you drive.

Going towards the South shore on the Healy Pass

However, the views are worth the stress of the road and as you pass the summit and come down towards the South shore, the roads are much better. They are doing a major road project.

Waterfall on Healy Pass

Stunning waterfalls cascade down the mountainside right beside the road. You want to stop every couple of minutes to take another picture.

More Cascades

The air is clear and unspoiled. There are hardly any cars to interfere with your enjoyment of the beautiful countryside. You can take time to get out of the car and explore.

This is well worth some scary moments going over the pass.

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